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Meathead is a brown, mangy, generally dull-witted cat who first appeared in the 1943 short, Sufferin' Cats!, as Tom's rival. Meathead later reappeared in Baby Puss (in which he serves as the thirshonary & minor archenemy/a recurring villain) and additional shorts as one of Tom's alley cat buddies/foes. Meathead resembles Lightning, though the two are not the same and have appeared side-by-side in two cartoons. voiced by Mel Blanc, Rob Paulsen, Colin Murdock, Jason Alexander, Dave B. Mitchell, Rick Zieff, Na'im Lynn.



Tom and Jerry[]

  • Sufferin' Cats
  • Baby Puss
  • Heavenly Puss (as Frankie)
  • Jerry's Cousin (cameo)
  • Sleepy-Time Tom
  • Life with Tom (cameo)
  • The Vanishing Duck

Spike and Tyke[]

  • Scat Cats

Tom and Jerry Tales[]

  • Tomcat Superstar
  • Power Tom
  • League of Cats

The Tom and Jerry Show (2014)[]

  • Top Cat (cameo)
  • Hop To It
  • Cruisin' for a Bruisin'
  • Bone Dry (mentioned)
  • Duck, Duck, Loose
  • Cat Dance Fever
  • Missing in Traction
  • Hunger Games
  • Pinch Hitter
  • Going, Going, Gone Viral (cameo)
  • Cat Match Fever (cameo)
  • When You Leash Expect It
  • Lost Marbles
  • It Ain't Over Until The Cat Lady Sings
  • Frenemies
  • Everyone Into the Pool
  • All Cat Jazz (cameo)
  • Bars and Stripes
  • Ballad Of The Catnip Kid
  • Scrunch Time
  • The Maltese Pigeon
  • A Class Of Their Own
  • Mouse Party
  • Duck Sitting
  • Ball of Fire (cameo)