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Butch Isacc Cat (or Alley Cat for short) is a Tom and Jerry character, he is a black and white alley cat that’s being a beneficial or harmful living thing to the one and only Tom Cat. voiced by Billy Bletcher, Daws Butler, Rob Paulsen, Jim Ward, Alan Marriott, Maurice Lamarche, Jim Cummings, Colin Murdock, Joey D'Auria, Nicky Jam, Greg Cipes (Season 2-present, In New York).


Tom and Jerry[]

  • Baby Puss (debut)
  • Springtime for Thomas
  • Trap Happy
  • A Mouse in the Houese
  • The Truce Hurts (cameo)
  • Heavenly Puss (cameo)
  • Tennis Chumps
  • Saturday Evening Puss
  • Casanova Cat
  • Jerry's Cousin (cameo)
  • Sleepy Time Tom
  • Life with Tom (cameo)
  • Smarty Cat
  • Muscle Beach Tom
  • Blue Cat Blues
  • Mucho Mouse
  • The Karate Guard

MGM shorts[]

  • The Alley Cat

Spike and Tyke[]

  • Scat Cats